First pages of “The prisoner’s dilemma”

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This graphic novel tells us about justice and fairness. Each character has ‘its’ own reason. There is a process of revelation that hooks the reader after discovering that one out of the four characters was driving a car that hit a little blind girl.

In this graphic novel, my challenge as writer was to bring to the paper the discovery process and the reasons for the characters to cover their friends. I built an inner oppresive and claustrophobic graphic novel. Everything happens among four walls because not only the prisoners are locked up, but also the police chief. The police chief is a woman, that happened to be the mother of the little girl who died. She is imprisoned in her duty and a strange stubbornness that leads her to seek the culprit. The feeling of confinement is recreated by playing with a window. When it is opened, the light comes in and the screams of the angry villagers can be heard, then the window is closed the ambiance turns into a quiet and dark one.

First five pages in English

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