Who I am

I am a multidisciplinary artist with great capacity to create human stories that become reality in novels, theatre, cinema or graphic stories.

Engineer and artist. Coffee and milk. My training as an engineer allows me to close all the threads of my creations, problem solving is my strength, the logic of things led me to the illogic of the human being. And if engineering consists of doing in matter what was not possible before for the benefit of people, with my art I intend to do the same without using matter.

Graphic novel page

My first readings were comics, graphic novels link three arts, cinema, literature and painting with the chain of the flow of vignettes.

Fiction writer

I started writing a short novel after reading ‘the old man and the sea’, now I need more space to tell the lives of my characters.

Theatre director

As long as there are people, theatre will remain alive, it is part of our being to observe other people. To direct theatre is to ensure that the spectators are not indifferent to what is happening on stage.


My awards are public recognition for the excellence of my works

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